Fake drug scam expose

Kashmir is a safe haven for spurious and substandard drugs trade as the market is unchecked and unregulated.

Every day patients are dying because of this criminal activity.

There is a deep-rooted nexus between drug mafia and shoddy pharma firms that is pumping massive quantities of these drugs in the valley.

It was because of painstaking and tireless endeavors of our President Dr Nisar ul Hassan that fake drug scam was exposed in 2013 in which many people are facing prosecution.

Dr Nisar filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in this connection which is pending in the Honorable High court of Jammu and Kashmir.

Instead of applauding his endeavors in this regard, Dr Nisar to our surprise was suspended for raising voice against fake drug perpetrators.

This did not deter his resolve and he continued with his mission and he said “Cause is bigger than my life”



Generic drugs

DAK has started an awareness campaign on “generic drugs” that would allow access to drugs for poor patients and save lives.

In JK 21.63% of population comprising of 24.21 lakh people do not have access to medicines due to lack of purchasing power.

90.39% population in our state purchase medicines through out-of-pocket payments.

More education for both doctor and patients would increase the prescription and use of generic drugs.



Combating Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance in Kashmir has reached to unprecedented levels because of rampant misuse of antibiotics.

More than 70% of antibiotics are either given unnecessarily or used improperly.

Antibiotic are given for viral infections against which they have no effect.

In order to combat the menace, DAK has started an awareness programme on antibiotic resistance and responsible use of antibiotics.



Pellet victims

DAK will be doing lead levels in patients who have retained pellets in their bodies.

Pellets lodged in body pose serious threat to lives and have the potential to cause lead poisoning that can prove to be fatal.

Lead is particularly toxic to children causing potentially permanent learning and behavioral disorders including violence.



Flu awareness campaign

   After 2015 HINI outbreak, DAK launched “flu awareness campaign” under the aegis of its President Dr Nisar ul Hassan who is also a “flu expert” with an aim to increase uptake of annual flu vaccination particularly in high risk groups such as older people, pregnant women, young children and people with underlying health conditions as they are at high risk of flu-related complications.

It was because of increased vaccination rates that past few flu seasons were mild.



Diabetes detection drive

     With alarming rise of diabetics in Kashmir, DAK last year launched “diabetes detection drive” under the leadership of spokesperson DAK Dr Riyaz Ahmad Daga with an aim to catch the disease early and raise awareness among people.

We want to reach as many residents as possible and persuade them be tested for diabetes.

Most of the people do not know they have diabetes – those are the people we want to help.



Hypertension consortium

   The consortium for hypertension headed by Dr Nisar ul Hassan who is also Assistant professor of Medicine at GMC Srinagar was created last year to promote public awareness of hypertension and encourage people to prevent and control this silent killer.

Community screening and awareness is vitally important to prevent premature deaths due to heart attacks and strokes.

To efficiently tackle hypertension we need to move from curative to preventive care.  Regular check-ups, reduction of salt, intake of fruits and vegetables and exercise are best ways to prevent it.



Comprehensive school health programme

DAK in 2015 launched a comprehensive school health programme to promote, protect and maintain health of school children and reduce mortality in them.

We conduct mass de-worming of school children and staff.

Students and staff are made aware about the importance of personal hygiene, environmental sanitation and safe drinking water.

Children are screened for disease, deficiencies, defects and disabilities besides their nutritional and immunization status



Transfer policy of doctors

DAK is for implementation of transfer policy of doctors that was adopted in the interest of patient care and smooth functioning of health institutions especially in far-flung areas.

It is being brazenly violated with the sole objective of giving places of choice to influential doctors, as a result, people in far-flung areas are deprived of healthcare providers.




Private practice

  DAK seeks immediate ban on private practice of government doctors particularly in tertiary care hospitals as it is the root cause of healthcare mess and patients suffer the consequences.

Private practice is the biggest obstacle in the growth of private sector and blocks employment avenues to young and fresh minds.