DAK for psychological first aid to prevent mental health crisis in Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 01: With alarming levels of stress among people due to ongoing unrest in Kashmir, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today called for psychological first aid that would prevent mental health crisis in the valley.
Terming it an important first-line support for people affected by crisis, President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said psychological first aid (PFA) would help people to get over the effects of stress.
Untreated stress in Kashmir is like a bomb waiting to explode.
It has the potential to culminate into a mental health crisis.
PFA is the immediate rescue to distressed individuals and it would prevent the situation from becoming explosive.
WHO reports that PFA can provide a mental health life-line to people affected by crisis.
Created in Australia in 2000, PFA is a process of facilitating resilience within individuals, families and communities.
It is a method of enhancing person’s own natural coping abilities to deal with stress.
Importantly, it will take mental health out of shadows and remove the taboo surrounding mental health conditions.
This technique is as important as physical first aid and is typically offered by someone in the person’s societal network such as a family, friend or a colleague.
PFA was this year’s theme for world health mental day to emphasize its importance in stressful events.
Everyone needs to be trained for this tool.
It is like cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and is potentially a life saving skill that we all need to have.
While it has become standard of care in many countries, it is yet to take off in Kashmir where it is needed most.
With 1.8 million adults having mental distress in Kashmir and the current situation compounding the scenario, there is a crisis looming.
Dr Riyaz Ahmad Daga
Spokesperson DAK


  1. Dr. Aejaz Ahamd says:

    Nice Sir, you really going make our society a better place

  2. Asif ali says:


  3. Dr. Afaq Majid Wani says:

    This is a very nice step especially for society
    I wish all of you best of luck

  4. Asalamualikum sir… Actually I would venture to state that my female baby, 2 1/2 years age, is prone to chest infection with dry cough and blocked chest at average of 30 days since after six months of her birth…Everytime the paediatrician prescribes her salbiar I neb (inhaler), cough syrup (ventiphylline) along with some antibiotics.. Few months back I discussed this problem with the same doctor and advised to provide her levocetrizine montelukast for a period of six weeks as a remedy.. But in the last week the same problem prevailed again and the infection still persisted… Needs kind suggestion and advise from your worthy end in order to deal with this agony…


  5. ferdous A Mohammad says:

    commendable. this will give a platform for all its members to share their research and insights regarding the patient care in the state. need of the hour is the community will benefit immensely with the collective knowledge of the doctors from time to time with the advice on many health care issues. this will also give a window to general masses to vent in their suggestions for making a vibrant healthcare possible in this land of unfortunate citizens.

  6. ferdous A Mohammad says:

    I Request Honorable members of this association to just watch the sanitation of washrooms in each and every healthcare center including our prestigious SKIMS and SMHS, where it stinks 24×7, not withstanding the army of janitors . simply no one tells them how to do it and why do it. In my humble opinion it is the doctors and paramedical staff who are at the receiving end as patients and their attendants leave the property asap ,but the medical staff remains. Is it true as some one told me that medical staff develops immunity against nasty bugs . ? please educate us