Dear colleagues,

It is an honor and privilege to be president of Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) which looks after the well-being of the community.

People have huge expectations from doctors and we should try to do our best to fulfill those expectations.

There is a strong need to incorporate medical ethics in the curriculum.

Medical ethics is about virtue, compassion, humanity and goodness of a physician that makes a difference in the recovery of a patient.

We all need to work together to reinvent the age-old bond between the doctors and patients.

This will rebuild the trust that is so essential for patient satisfaction and adherence to treatment.

I have started certain initiatives on health that will help to meet the health needs of underserved and unserved.

Primary health care is still a profound necessity, but unfortunately has been neglected in policy and planning.

I have proposed “mohalla clinics” that would provide better primary care and reduce the burden on tertiary care hospitals.

I pledge that I will do everything to restore the dignity and sacrosanctity of medical profession.

Last but not least, we have a social responsibility and it is an obligation on all of us to raise issues of public concern


Dr Nisar ul Hassan

President  DAK


  1. Rafiq Ahmad Bhat says:

    very good job sir everyone will appreciate it .This is called insaniyat Insha Allah Almighty Allah Will help u in this noble cause.

  2. Rafiq Ahmad Bhat says: